Don’t Be A Victim To Petty Crime

By Russel M. Wilson

FORT GEORGE G. MEADE, Md. (April 24, 2015) — Petty thefts return to increased levels each spring as we migrate from winter to summer.pickpocket The most common criminal acts are crimes of opportunity.

The majority of criminals do not like to put in hard work to steal things, so they go the easiest route possible. We are not talking about major theft rings here, but rather single individuals who see an opportunity for easy money and grab it.

The average person is under the façade “it won’t happen to me,” but the truth is, it happens to everyone, everywhere.

Countless articles have been published, with billions of dollars spent on advertising, and trillions of hours spent educating society about how to be proactive. The point in fact is numbers do not matter if individuals don’t use that guidance to protect their belongings.

What are the criminals taking? Answer: bicycles, GPS devices, cameras, cellular phones, purses, wallets, medications, bags, and information (personal paperwork). This is the appetizer selection and basic threshold for petty criminals.

The majority of property is unsecured, not documented by the owner (no serial numbers, photographs, or receipts) in plain view, easily accessible, and can be easily moved or carried away. Sure there are times that a criminal will physically break into a dwelling or vehicle to steal, but not every crime can be prevented.

What can you do? Answer: Lock up everything, put the criminals out of business.

Here are a few tips:

– Record serial numbers of everything, keep receipts if possible

– Keep your home and garage doors locked

– Always use a locking device when you are at the gym, in fact do not take anything of value inside with you other than and your id card (gym bag is normal)

– Lock up your bicycles and scooters using a quality lock. Chain locks are easy to cut. Take the front wheel off, if practical, when you are going to have the bicycle secured all day. Do not leave personal bags or helmets behind

– Clear addresses in GPS devices. If a criminal steals your device, then can find out where you live

– Keep your cell phones with you. Do not set them down in bathrooms or on tables in restaurants while you step away. Do not leave them in another room charging while you are at work. Consider a portable charger or extended battery

– Lock all valuables in the trunk of your car before you leave it parked for the day. If you are going to a highly populated area, do it before you get to your destination

Every crime cannot be stopped, but you can have a huge impact on prevention. The more you do for yourself, the more it will aid in the recovery of your belongings if you are ever a victim of a theft.

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