ID Renewal Made Easy

ID Card
Identification card renewal can be a breeze. Whether you need to renew a Common Access Card (CAC), Geneva Convention CAC, Military Retirement, Individual Ready Reserve or a Military Dependent Identification card, the renewal process can be quick and easy.

Customers can replace an expiring card within 90-days of expiration. The 90-day rule allows card holders the opportunity to schedule an appointment up to three months prior to the card’s expiration date. By taking advantage of this rule customers can avoid long lines and wait times.

Card Holders can schedule appointments online using the RAPIDS Appointment Scheduler (RAS) or the RAPIDS Site Locator (RSL).

Both sites are free web-based tool that can be access at any computer. These tools are available 24 hours a day and are easy to use. Each site, RAS and RSL, has unique qualities that are beneficial for customers. For example, if a customer knows what Identification Card Facility they wish to visit the RAS website is the best tool. RAS allows customers to select by state, zip code, building, and Country. This site is for customers who know exactly what they want. On the other hand, if customers are unfamiliar with the many Identification Card Facilities in their immediate area or desire to familiarize themselves with all the locations the RSL website is best. RSL automatically defaults to a map of the United States; it allows the customer to search using a street address and a search radius. This website is excellent for beginners, customers who change address or PCS, and customers who are vacationing elsewhere and need to renew an identification card.

The most trouble-free way to successfully locate these sites on the World Wide Web is to use a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. For the RAS site type in Rapids Appointment Scheduler and/or for the RSL site type in Rapids Site Locator.

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